What Should You Know About Your First Date

To start, let’s keep it simple!


First or second dates, pick somewhere populated.  Coffee shop, local attraction or (very open) public park.



Daytime is a good thing! It depends on your locale but bike riding, walking, even shopping can be fun (and tell you something about the other person).  Also, be honest about sharing or covering the costs.  (This will totally depend on your personal style and there is no right or wrong answer.)




Sharing personal info too quickly can be a turn-off and, likewise, definitely ask questions that will get the other person talking. (LoveMatchFun has some great suggestions!)  If the chemistry is not happening for you, BE GRACIOUS and let it go.  There ARE more fish in the sea 🙂

PHOTO CREDIT: 8-themes.com

PHOTO CREDIT: 8-themes.com







HOWEVER, if there IS a 3rd or 4th date there are MANY different opinions around this one.  We recommend creating many memories with activities BEFORE the quieter times like dinner or movies, etc.  You can never know someone TOO well!


Most of all, don’t waste time trying to CREATE magic (especially at the beginning).  GET ACTIVE and, hopefully, the conversation will flow as you are discovering things you can share.  Of course, LoveMatchFun will help with that too!

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