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Welcome to LoveMatchFun.com where you will find all kinds of ideas around love, life and love-life.  Browse the site and please tell us what you think. We’re just beginning and your input is appreciated.

Better yet, tell us ‘what YOU love’! What resonates? Or REALLY made you laugh…we want to hear from you to create the best site around ‘LOVE & LIFE’ ever!!!  Especially if it is a FUNNY story!!

What is attraction?  Well, some would say it is ‘chemistry’ / pheromones and some would say cliché things like ‘opposites attract’.  Who really knows?  One thing is for sure, a sense of humor and the ability to laugh at oneself is always a good thing.  For some it comes naturally and for others, it requires effort.

So, explore our site where we encourage you to have fun and take a break from the dreary.  Share what you find and, who knows, maybe you’ll find love along the way?  In the meantime, we hope you will discover something that makes you laugh (or at least to say ‘ahhh’)!