Magic of a love moment hits …or touches?

Great moment of love! Music: Ulay, Oh

Marina Abramovic is a live art artist who went through a unique break-up with her boyfriend, Ulay, during the 1970s. They decided to end things in quite an unusual manner. They walked towards each other from the two ends of the Great Wall of China to the middle, and embraced each other last time before final break up. More then thirty years have passed since this last encounter with one another, after which they never happened to meet again.

In 2010,  Marina holded a live art performance during which she shares a minute of silence with each stranger who sits in front of her.  Suddenly her ex-lover shows up, unannounced, to be a part of this experience on the opening night of the show at the Museum of Modern Art. This video beautifully captures the magic moment that Marina and Ulay share, as they see one another after thirty long years. Have you ever had similar moment in your life? Share what kind of emotions hit you watching this!